Your Wedding Day Beauty Arsenal

June 23rd, 2011

Have you ever wondered how professional makeup artists can get makeup to last all day without breaking down smudging? Well, one of the main products is a sealant. Lots of brands make them but Urban Decay recently launched a trio of sealants for every skin type. Dry, Oily and Normal.

Personally, I like the one for Normal Skin “All Nighter” As I think it works the best out of the three. Once you apply your makeup just close your eyes and mist your entire face. Once it dries your makeup will last hours and hours.

A bonus? Urban Decay has an exclusive “Urban Bride” Boxed kit that comes with a travel size “All Nighter” a travel size Lip Junkie gloss in a beautiful neutral shade, a travel size of their new “Supercurl” mascara which I have to say is amazing! Without curling your lashes, you will have curled and defined lashes. You also get a full-size Primer Potion (a cult-classic must have!), full-size Marshmallow flavored edible, sparkly body powder and a razor-finish setting powder. It’s an amazing deal with incredible products for you or it makes a great bridesmaid gift.

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