Wedding Day Makeup – The Difference Between Warm and Cool Colors

February 23rd, 2011

Wedding Day Makeup – The Difference Between Warm and Cool Colors

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Previously I wrote about foundations and powders that were appropriate for photography, and tips to make sure you look flawless on your wedding day. Today, I would like to focus on makeup colors and complimenting jewelry types. I will also include a little advice on how to determine your “color category”. Believe it or not, the category that you fall in should determine what your wedding colors should be, the color makeup you wear and the type of jewelry you should use.

Many people don’t realize that hair coloring, eye coloring, skin coloring and undertones determine what category we fall into. The three categories are as follows: Warm, Cool and Neutral.

Those who fall under the “warm” category generally have golden blonde, strawberry blonde, red, orange-red, auburn,golden brown, chestnut brown, chocolate brown and espresso colored hair. To go along with those hair colors, they will also have brown eyes with specks of gold, hazel, green or blue eyes with gold and/or brown specks.

People with warm coloring also have green veins and a golden undertone. “Cool” colored people have platinum blonde, ash blonde, “dirty”blonde, ash brown, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown hair colors that do not reflect any golden or reddish colors in the sun.

Those who are cool will also have “black” brown eyes that have little to no silvery flicks, dark brown eyes that have silver flecks, green eyes that have silver flecks and blue eyes that have silver flecks.

Those who have these combinations of hair and eye colors will generally have blue colored veins and rosy/pink undertones. “Neutral” color types will have “mousy” brown hair, plain dark brown hair, and black hair. They will also have “black” brown eyes and dark brown eyes that are free of silver or gold flecks. The coloring of the veins are a little hazy, sometimes seeming blue, sometimes seeming green, and an olive type of undertone that “shouts” neither cool or warm. Now that i’ve classified the different types of color categories, I can elaborate on what colors and looks to consider for your wedding.

Warm Colors

Once you have assesed yourself as being “warm”, you can begin to think about what colors you want to use on yourself for your wedding. Now, I know that from the day you start planning your wedding you will probably have a certain color scheme set in your heart. However, if you are a classified as a warm, I don’t suggest using powder blue and baby pink, or silver and mint green. Colors that would be beautiful are chocolate brown, salmon pink, dusty rose, black, teal, lime green, sage green that’s on the more yellow side, sapphire blue, garnet, burgundy, wine, emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, gold, cream, turquoise, and white.

Colors for your makeup can range from light and pretty to bronzy with bright color accents. For example, if your wedding colors and chocoalte brown and dusty rose, then your makeup can reflect that. You can wear a dusty rose colored lipstick, blush, and contour your eyes with the blush or a similar eyeshadow color, then use a chocolate brown on the outer corners of your eyes to accent, and follow up with a dark brown eyeliner and black mascara. If you are a little more daring and your wedding colors are cream and teal, you could use a tan lipstick with caramel colored lipgloss, lightly bronzed cheeks, a skin colored eyeshadow as your base, contoured with a tan colored eyeshadow and a dash of teal eyeshadow on the outer corners with matching eyeliner and black mascara. These are merely suggestions, a trained makeup artist can work on finding a look that is perfect for you.

As far as jewelry goes, make sure you use yellow gold jewelry. Silver, white gold and platinum jewelry should be reserved for cool or neutral color types. Gold jewelry with pearls will also look beautiful.

Cool Colors

Great cool colors for wedding colors are powder blue, baby pink, mint green, silver, white, easter yellow, teal with more blue than green, lilac, kelley green, aquamarine, black, lavendar, royal blue, sage green that’s on the more minty side, and a blood red or blue based red.

Makeup colors will follow a similar trend as with warm: If your wedding colors are silver and sage green, then you could wear a soft pink or a baby pink, cool pink blush and light pink base eyeshadow color on your lid, a slightly darker pink in your crease and a sagey green color on the outer corners…or for the more daring, you could put a sage green on your lid and a darker green or smokier black on the outer corners with black eyeline and black mascara.

Silver, white gold and platinum are the best metals for cool colored people.

Neutral Colors

Well, if you were one of the people that fell into the neutral catergory…LUCKY YOU!!! People who are neutral can wear either warm OR cool colors and can pretty much have thier wedding colors be anything they want! They also don’t have to worry about what type of metal thier jewelry is set in. So the advice that I can give to you neutrals is to chose whether you like cool colors or warm colors, and then use the advice from those sections to plan from there.

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