Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

January 15th, 2011

Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

Hello Brides-To-Be!

I’m sure many of you out there are wondering about Makeup Tips for your big day. As a professional Bridal Makeup Artist, I know a thing or two about applying the right type of makeup for the occasion. As you probably know, makeup for weddings tends to be a little heavier than one might wear on a day-to-day basis. But this doesn’t mean that it has to look dramatic. Bridal makeup can be made to look natural and enhance your bone structure with the right colors and finishes. Today’s blog will focus on the right foundations and foundation types for the perfect look in your wedding pictues. Here are some aspects of Bridal Makeup to consider:

• Because most weddings either take place outside or the wedding pictures are taken outside, the bride must remember to wear a foundation that is medium-full to full coverage so that the sun doesn’t drain the color from her.

• Since most photographers use a flash when taking wedding pictures, the brides foundation must be free of any SPF because camera flashes are a form of light, and SPF’s are meant to block any damaging light rays from our skin. What happens when a foundation with SPF and a camera flash mix is that dreaded “white faced” picture where we have a ghastly white face and a normal colored body attached. I will list some great foundations at the recommended products section of blog.

• While our personal idea of beauty differs from person to person, I suggest the following if you are thinking of enhancing your color:
-If you are a normally fair skinned person and want to achieve that “bahama bronze” glow for your wedding, I suggest using gradual self-tanning lotions or bronzers roughly four weeks before the big day. Whatever you use on your body, make sure it is safe to use on your face as well, or the manufacturer has a version for the face because if you use two different tanning agents, who knows if the colors will turn out the same. If you want immediate gratification however, I suggest using mystic tan a few days before the wedding. This will last for about a week, and your entire face and body will be the same color.

-Once you are tanned, make sure you let your makeup artist (If you are having your makeup professionally done) know that you need a foundation check when you get it done. If you are doing your makeup yourself, I suggest heading to the makeup counters and asking for help choosing a foundation to match your new complexion.

• If you are a naturally tan person and want to achieve a “snow white” complexion, I suggest staying out of the sun for a few months before the wedding and using SPF religiously whenever going outside. While you may not become incredibly fair skinned, this is as light as you will get. I DO NOT suggest using a foundation a few shades lighter to try and “fake” it because it will just look gray and unflattering and unprofessional anyways. Remember, wedding makeup is meant to enhance your NATURAL beauty. Trying to work against it will always backfire.

• It is also a good idea to consider what consistency you want your foundation to be. If you are a normally oily-skinned person and your wedding is going to take place during the summer, make sure you invest in a mattifying foundation or a water-based foundation so that you don’t suddenly get greasy mid-ceremony. Likewise, if you are normally dry-skinned bride and you are dreaming of a winter wedding, be sure to look for a liquid or cream-based foundation that is rich in emollients to ensure your skin stays moist through the reception.

• When applying your foundation (Or having it applied) make sure you blend all over your face, underneath your chin, and slightly onto your neck. Since your foundation should match your coloring perfectly, it won’t be noticeable, but your want to make sure the consistency of your face and your upper neck blend. If your ears will be showing, you might also want to put foundation on your ears as well. (Mine tend to get red easily, so I always make sure they have a nice coating of foundation when I know they will be showing.)

• The last step to finishing off wedding perfect foundation is the powder. Since powders come in different finishes and sometimes effects, it is important to find the right one for you.

-I suggest only using translucent powder if you have light to medium light complexions. On more olive or darker skin tones, it tends to look ashy.

-When finding a powder that actually matches your foundation color, try and stick with the same brand because they will generally have a complementary color to thier foundation.

-Mineral powders are fabulous because they are not talc based and they will blend in seamlessly with foundation colors in the same color family.

Suggested Products:

Dry Skin Foundations / Dry Skin Powders

• Merle Norman HC-12 Foundation / Merle Norman Flawless FX powder
• Merle Norman Total Finish Foundation / Dermablend Setting Powder
• Dermablend Creme Foundation / Vincent Longo Perfect Canvas Loose Powder
• Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation / Chanel Double Perfection Powder Compact
• Lorac Liquid Foundation / Studio Finish Powder/Pressed
• MAC Studio Tech Foundation / Dior Skin Pressed Powder

Oily Skin Foundations / Oily Skin Powders

• Merle Norman Aqua Base Foundation / Merle Norman Ultra Powder Foundation
• Nars Balanced Foundation / Dermablend Setting Powder
• Lorac Oil Free Foundation / Lorac Oil Free Wet/Dry Powder
• Smashbox Seamless Liquid Foundation / Dior Skin Ultra-Mat Powder

The cosmetics listed are merely suggestions. There are hundreds of other products out there that will give you the same look and range in price. Try visiting your local Sephora, Ulta or Department Store and ask for demonstrations or free samples.

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