What Not To Do Before Your Wedding Day

October 30th, 2010

What Not To Do Before Your Wedding Day

Hello lovely brides!

I have compiled a small list of “Beauty Dont’s” that a bride should never do the day before her wedding. I hope it is as informative as it is entertaining


*Wax/Thread/Overpluck eyebrows (or any part of your face for that matter!)
-This should be done a at least three days before your wedding day (5 days is optimal), to allow for any redness, swelling and sensitivity to vanish. It’s also not the time to try that “new dramatic” brow look you’ve always wanted to try.

*Trying out that new self-tanner
-If you’ve never tried it before, this certaintly would not be the time.

*Glycolic Peels, Microdermabrasion or Pore Refining Facials
-In short, you could have scabs, redness, breakouts and iritated skin as a result of these procedures. Believe me, it’s loads of fun using liquid bandaid to apply over scabs so that makeup will at least adhere to the brides skin

*Eyebrow bleaching/lightening
-Unless you do this on a regular basis, it’s best to have this done a couple of days before the wedding. Some women’s brow hair will turn orange if bleached, even slightly. If this happens, at least you can try and get an appointment to have some color thrown on top of it.


*Mystic Tan
-If you have mystic tan freshly applied, color may come off on your clothes…like a wedding dress.

*Get a Brazilian Wax*
-This should be done a few days prior to the wedding. If you’ve never had it done, the day before is not the day to experiment…you do want to be able to walk down the aisle, right?

*Laser hair treatment
-I will leave it at that.

-Even if you do a patch test, you could break out in horrible red bumps on your legs (especially if you leave it on longer then the recommended time)



*A “trim”

*A perm


*Anything that alters the chemical makeup of your hair.

If you can think of anything else that might be considered a no-no, it probably is!

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