Fall Bridal Makeup Trends

October 19th, 2012

While in some parts of the United States it feels more like Summer than Fall, Fall is here and that means lots of changes. Changes in the weather, changes in clothing and of course, changes in makeup!

For those brides that are planning and having Fall weddings, it’s important to know what the latest Fall bridal makeup trends are and how to incorporate them in your bridal makeup look.

Wine Stained Lips
While red lips are still in for Fall, a new lip color has come on the scene. Wine is making a big splash and adds a bit of drama to any look. How to effectively use this in your own bridal makeup look? Use a stain as opposed to an all out matte color. By dabbing a bit of a wine stain and toning down the rest of your look, you will have a romantic wedding day look.

Kohl Rimmed Eyes
Smoky charcoal eyes were seen everywhere on the catwalk. However that may not translate so well on the bridal pictures. How can this work for your bridal makeup look? Simple. Instead of using black or dark charcoal, simply use a gray shadow and you can use it on just the lids instead of all the way around the eyes. Paired with a soft pink cheek and lip, you have a defined yet ethereal look.

Multi Toned Eyes
While the majority of the runway looks utilized bright colors, bridal makeup looks need to be suitable for the setting and time of day. I have found using more neutral versions of the brighter colors (eggplant instead of purple, navy instead of cobalt, emerald instead of kelly green). Or using a liner in the toned down version is another great option.


Whether you decide to use one (or all!) of these trends, always let your inner beauty shine. If for whatever reason you are unsure, hiring a bridal makeup artist is great way to take all the stress and pressure off and allow you to enjoy your day! If you are in the Southern California area, contact me at www.bridalmakeupartists.com

Your Wedding Day Beauty Arsenal

June 23rd, 2011

Have you ever wondered how professional makeup artists can get makeup to last all day without breaking down smudging? Well, one of the main products is a sealant. Lots of brands make them but Urban Decay recently launched a trio of sealants for every skin type. Dry, Oily and Normal.

Personally, I like the one for Normal Skin “All Nighter” As I think it works the best out of the three. Once you apply your makeup just close your eyes and mist your entire face. Once it dries your makeup will last hours and hours.

A bonus? Urban Decay has an exclusive “Urban Bride” Boxed kit that comes with a travel size “All Nighter” a travel size Lip Junkie gloss in a beautiful neutral shade, a travel size of their new “Supercurl” mascara which I have to say is amazing! Without curling your lashes, you will have curled and defined lashes. You also get a full-size Primer Potion (a cult-classic must have!), full-size Marshmallow flavored edible, sparkly body powder and a razor-finish setting powder. It’s an amazing deal with incredible products for you or it makes a great bridesmaid gift.

Spring Bridal Beauty Trends

May 8th, 2011

Hello Brides!
I some great Spring Bridal Beauty Product reviews planned for you, so let’s get started :)

AG Cosmetics Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray $19.99

Spring is around the corner and soft, carefree, slightly messy beach-y curls are one of the hair trends of the season. AG’s Curl Trigger is just the product to help control, define and enhance curly and wavy hair types.

Bonus: Can be used as a refresher spray if your hair gets a little limp throughout the day.

I personally really love the product as my hair can’t decide if it’s straight, wavy or curly. With Curl Trigger I get really pretty waves all over my hair and if I spray it on damp hair and then blow dry with a diffuser after, I get much more defined curls.

I compare this product to Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray, but I have to say that I like the way Curl Trigger smells much better.

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette $35

I received this palette awhile ago but I’ve been using it on a weekly basis since. The minute I saw the colors I thought how perfect this palette is for wedding looks. Then I saw the shadow names and realized “oh…Too Faced meant this to be a bridal palette too…” :) With names like “I Do”, “First Dance” and “Ever After” how could it not be? These colors are soft and feminine, perfect for Spring. My favorite look by far is the Classic look that combines a pale pink, a shimmery lilac and a deep eggplant with sheen to it.

For professional use, these seem fairly easy to depot and would be a great addition to a bridal palette. For personal use, these shadows are super pretty and easy to wear and blend. I also think these would be a cute bridesmaid gift too!

Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum $30

We all know and love Mario Badescu for his Drying Lotion. It’s amazing! I really don’t know why I overlooked the other gems in his line, but I got to try some out and my new favorite skin care treatment of the moment is Mario Badescu’s Herbal Hydrating Serum.

Most of the serums I tried in the past were nice, but they usually left my skin feeling slightly tacky after initial application (the exception being Merle Norman’s Energizing Concentrate, love that stuff!) which I personally can’t stand. My rule of thumb is if I don’t like the way it looks/feels/smells on myself, there is no way I am putting it in my kit and subjecting my clients to them. What’s so cool about the Hydrating Serum is that it’s a gel that is instantly absorbed by the skin and gives a cool, fresh and perfectly moist feeling. Love it!

Bonus: If you have oily skin, this can be used as your moisturizer

These great products can be implemented in your special Bridal Beauty regimen, or added to your daily routine as well!

Luminous Skin

April 26th, 2011

Anyone who knows their makeup stuff will tell you that the basis for beautiful makeup is beautiful skin. There are lots of options out there to get your skin glowing, but a must try is bareMinerals new skincare line. After a total packaging revamp, the new line is truly sleek and sophisticated but it’s what inside that is so special. bareMinerals partnered up with Shiseido to bring us the best product ingredients for our money. Powered 100% by bareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex, it is clinically proven to promote faster cell turnover, pore size reduction, increased luminosity and antioxidant protection.

What’s great is that they are not only offering a sort of “try before you buy” cleanser and moisturizer duo, they are now offering a cleanser and moisturizer in their get started kits so that you can see first hand how great your makeup will look with great skincare underneath. Skincare duo sets are $23 and the get started kits are $60 with the original formulation foundation and $63 for the matte formulation.

No worries, you can thank me later ;)

Bridal Makeup Artists…Do I Really Need One?

April 5th, 2011

Bridal Makeup Artists… Do I Really Need One?

Hello lovely Brides-to-be! I’m sure many of you out there are wondering if you need a professional bridal makeup artist for your wedding and if so, what makes the difference between “everyday” makeup and “wedding” makeup. As a professional bridal makeup artist, I have come to learn a couple of things: On your wedding day, you will more than likely be stressed out with people calling every two minutes with tedious and sometimes irrelevant questions, and having your hair and makeup done will be your one moment of zen of an otherwise emotional day. It’s also great to have someone familiar with the effects of professional photography and will know what to do and most importantly what not to do makeup-wise so that your wedding pictures look flawless and amazing.

Things to Consider:

Flash Photography
Most weddings have professional photographers on-site to document the occasion. Flash photography is a medium in which certain products cannot be used or they will not “read” correctly on the photograph. (i.e. using a foundation or powder with SPF and having your face come out lighter than the rest of your body in your photographs. Not fun considering they will be one of the only items you will have to remember how you looked on your wedding day). We’ve all seen it, whether on ourselves or on somebody else. The dreaded “mask”. The look in which one has a pasty white face paired with a tanned looking body. It’s no fun to look like you feel face first into a vat of flour, which is why a professional makeup artist will know what products are specifically made for photography use and which ones need to be avoided at all costs.

Durability of the Makeup Used
While our personal idea of beauty differs from person to person, today is a day in which wearing slightly more makeup then you would on a regular basis (unless you already wear a full face) is an absolute necessity not only for photographic purposes, but also for longevity as this is an occasion in which you will be moving around for hours, people will be hugging and kissing you, and you will most likely be slightly stressed and emotional and therefore prone to sweating and tears. Good quality makeup that is applied correctly will last for hours and still look fresh, giving you one less thing to worry about. There are also sealers that can be applied after your makeup is done to prevent smudging cause by sweat or tears.

It’s a Big Day!
While weddings are a beautiful and momentous occasion, they will be documented and your photographs will be something that you will have and treasure for years to come. For that reason alone, make sure whatever you have done (hair, makeup, nails, tanning, etc.) let the “real you” shine through so that you feel confident and beautiful and ready to make that trip down the aisle. Nerves may not allow you to apply your makeup as nicely as you do on a regular basis, so having someone who does it for a living should put you at ease and give you a moment to relax.

What Exactly Needs to be Adjusted?
As I mentioned, flash photography presents a situation in which the foundation and powder (and even skincare) you use on a regular basis may have to be altered slightly for your wedding. Any product that contains SPF (your moisturizer, foundations, powders, etc.) should be avoided as they will cause the “mask” on your photographs . This is because SPF’s are meant to block out harmful light (any type of light) and sun rays. This includes flash from a camera. A professional makeup artist will have a kit full of camera-friendly products and will ensure a quality application.

What should I consider when looking for a professional bridal makeup artist?

Find Someone Whose Work You Absolutely Love
When looking for an artist, you should find someone whose work you adore. They should have a website dedicated especially for bridal that includes pictures of past brides they have done. If you want to see more pictures, you should contact them and request more samples be e-mailed to you.

Ask Family, Friends and Recent Brides

Word of mouth is also a great way to find a reputable and talented bridal makeup artist. Ask any friends, co-workers, relatives, etc. who you know used a makeup artist for their wedding, especially if you loved their pictures. Knowing someone who worked with them will put you at ease as well.

Find Out Where They Are Listed
Anyone can pay for advertising, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good either. I did makeup for a bride last year that had a preview with a wedding makeup artist from an agency and the company was listed everywhere so she assumed that anyone they sent out would be good. She had a horrible time and hair and makeup was disastrous. She went to every wedding forum warning against the company. She then came to me and loved what I did. Knowing that I wanted her to be beautiful and happy made it that much more special to her, and she sang my praises to everyone she knows. Look for sites that have artists listed because of talent and recommendations because recommendations are worth their weight in gold to real, working makeup artists.

Make Sure You Book a Preview
Many brides do not feel the need to book a trial because they feel that what they want is simple and shouldn’t take any time to do at all. This is an invitation for disaster. Your wedding day will be hectic enough without you having your hair and makeup changed five times because it isn’t what you envisioned. Not only will your artist stress out, but you will stress out even more and you do not need that on this very special day. Most reputable artists have packages that will include a preview so you both know how you will look when the big day arrives.

Hopefully this article helped to clarify the role of the bridal makeup artist and how they can make your wedding day even more special.

Wedding Makeup Tips and Advice

April 1st, 2011

Hello Brides-to-be! Choosing a makeup look to highlight your best features on a day-to-day basis is tricky enough, and finding a makeup look for your wedding day is downright intimidating. Luckily, you came to our site and found this article which was written to aid you in narrowing down your choices for wedding makeup, and hopefully make at least one aspect of planning your wedding a little easier.

While this article is intended as a guideline for planning your wedding day makeup palette, the best look you will ultimately decide on is one that not only makes you look beautiful and flawless, but one that makes you still feel like your gorgeous self.

Questions to Consider:

What time of the year will you be getting married?

Unless you are the type of gal that doesn’t wear much makeup on a day to day basis and you know you want a clean and natural look, it is wise to take into consideration what time of year you will be walking down the aisle. Perhaps you are thinking about a beautiful bronzy makeup look, but you realize the Big Day is in February (and sadly not in some tropical locale). Taking that into consideration, you may want to reconsider your choice of makeup colors. Many brides that get married in the winter months tend to either choose a color palette that is deemed “wintry” (silver, white, ivory, baby blue, light pink, taupe, pearl, etc.) or a more romantic palette (red, wine, cream, black, white, eggplant, sapphire, etc.) especially if the nuptials are close to Valentine’s Day. Same goes if you are getting married in the spring and will have a garden wedding. Time of year, season, and even the time of day and whether the event will be more casual or formal are all factors to consider when choosing your wedding makeup palette.

Where do you plan on getting married?

If spring is in the air and so are your wedding bells, you may have a slightly different look to consider. You will probably want to keep the focus on your eyes with a soft wash of color. Whether that be a subtle pastels paired with dewy, radiant skin or a simple neutral eye with a pop of bright blush and stained lip are two popular looks  if a springtime wedding is what you have planned. Or perhaps your dream wedding is at the beach with a breathtaking summer sunset as your backdrop. A healthy, bronzy glow that carefully applied bronzer topped with glimmering peach or toffee colored lips may be the look that suits you best. Definitely take your local in mind when choosing your look.

How exactly do I make these looks work for me?

The most important question of all! I usually stick to the rule of thumb that if you are playing up your eyes, you will probably want to keep the cheeks and lips more neutral and toned down. Reason being, if you have gorgeous smoky eyes with false lashes that just make your eyes “pop”, you don’t want your cheeks and lips competing with your eyes by wearing a dark or bright blush and vibrant lip color. It also looks too overdone and (dare I say) dated and old fashioned. To make this all a little less confusing, I have compiled a small guideline for you to create the perfect wedding makeup look for your big day.

Popular Wedding Makeup Styles:

Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are often confused with “black” or “dark” eye makeup smudged around the eyes. Smoky is a term describing method in which the shadow is placed. The shadow is blended around the eyes to mimic a “smoked” look. You can use any color of shadow to create a smoky eye. The look itself generally consists of 3-4 eyeshadow colors that are blended and “smoked” out to give the illusion of more depth and definition to the eye.  It also adds a dramatic flair, perfect for those brides who want a “look-at-me” effect. False eyelashes and black/dark brown eyeliner is usually added to this look. Softly colored cheeks (think light pinks and soft peaches) and barely-there lips are what compliments this look perfectly. While this look can work anytime of the year, evening weddings or very formal occasions are the best fit and the look can be adjusted to fit your specific features and complexion.

Bahama Mama

Bronzed, glowing skin and alluring eyes are what make this look work. A cream or liquid bronzer can be mixed into the foundation to make the skin look dewy and naturally radiant. A highlighting product can then be lightly applied to the face where the sun would naturally hit (sides of forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and the tip of the chin), giving the face an automatic “lift” and added slimness. A light lip color in the bronze, apricot, caramel and toffee families are used sparingly and gold, brown and bronze shadows are mixed to give an exotic yet refreshed look. False eyelashes may or may not be used in conjunction with deep brown or black eyeliner. June through August is the best time of year to try this look, especially for a beach or outdoor wedding.

Autumn Sun

Rich, jewel colored tones are used in this look. Eyes come alive with shades of sapphire, emerald, onyx or plum incorporated with soft neutrals to make a bold statement. Lips and cheeks are given a soft focus “flushed” look with lip stains and cheek tints, and false eyelashes are almost always used to perfect the look. September through November is the most popular time of year to take advantage of this look as it is the time of the year when the days get shorter, the leaves turn a fiery array of gold, red and tawny brown and the colors of the season are warm and bold.

Snow White

This is where more intense lips and cheeks are the focus by using reds, wines, burgundies or merlot colors. The eyes are keep soft and neutral, and defined by the use of black or dark brown eyeliner and natural looking false lashes for added thickness. This look is very popular with brides getting married in the winter months, especially February. The flushed cheeks and berry stained lips give a look of almost utter innocence, but the eyes are defined, giving a sensual yet demure air about you.
Spring Pixie

This is a look that truly showcases healthy and refreshed skin. The look is complimented with dewy peach or pink colored blush and lips are creamy peach or rose. The eyes are big and beautiful using pastel or vibrant colors as a “wash” on the eyelids to give a subtle pop of color. Liner is used sparingly and is not smoked out, while lashes are lengthened and curled to give a “wide eyed” look of innocence. A great choice for an outdoors wedding held in spring.

Hopefully we were able to inspire a beauty look that you were unsure of or never even though to try. The best thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent! Try out a look or two and see which one speaks to you.

Celebrity Wedding Makeup

March 10th, 2011

Celebrity Wedding Makeup

Hello Brides-to-be! A question that I receive quite often is how to achieve the look of celebrity wedding makeup. The key is keep the wedding makeup classic while adding a little pop of color to make it “updated and fun”. I have a few suggestions any bride can incorporate into their own look to make them feel like a star.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Eyes
By adding a wash of a brighter color to your eyes, you automatically up the “fun” factor. The key to maintaining a sophisticated look and avoid color overload is by making sure you literally apply a thin wash of color to your lid and crease. Then, top off the look with some liner (a slightly darker color similar to the shadow shade and smudged out will look absolutely stunning!) mascara and complete the look with soft lips and flushed cheeks. Eva Longoria showcased this look at her Parisian wedding and made sure her eyes were the focus of her look Absolutely gorgeous!

Let Your Lips Be Noticed
You can also allow your lips to be the center of attention by applying a rich lip color. Dita Von Teese incorporated this look at her own wedding, complete with her custom purple wedding gown. It’s a slightly unexpected twist, but when paired with soft neutral cheeks and eyes accented with crisp eyeliner and perfectly groomed brows, this look will not only be updated and fun but romantic and sophisticated as well.

Be a Blushing Bride
Keep your guests guessing about your “natural” flush and play up your cheek color. Whether it’s a soft pink or peach for spring, a lovely coral or bronze for summer or a breathtaking cherry stain for Autumn or Winter weddings, everyone will be talking about what a beautiful blushing bride you make. Tarte makes a wonderful product called a cheek stain, and I use them when working with celebrities and models for a natural flushed look that isn’t powdery or fake. You can find them at (www.tartecosmetics.com)

Get Your Skin Glowing
The one thing celebrities are known for is their flawless complexions. Try having your foundation airbrushed for the big day. Airbrushing allows for your foundation to be resilient, waterproof, and completely natural look. It’s so natural you may forget you have any on! These are just a few ways one can add a bit of Hollywood flair in their bridal makeup while still looking radiant and feminine.

Wedding Day Makeup – The Difference Between Warm and Cool Colors

February 23rd, 2011

Wedding Day Makeup – The Difference Between Warm and Cool Colors

Hello All!

Previously I wrote about foundations and powders that were appropriate for photography, and tips to make sure you look flawless on your wedding day. Today, I would like to focus on makeup colors and complimenting jewelry types. I will also include a little advice on how to determine your “color category”. Believe it or not, the category that you fall in should determine what your wedding colors should be, the color makeup you wear and the type of jewelry you should use.

Many people don’t realize that hair coloring, eye coloring, skin coloring and undertones determine what category we fall into. The three categories are as follows: Warm, Cool and Neutral.

Those who fall under the “warm” category generally have golden blonde, strawberry blonde, red, orange-red, auburn,golden brown, chestnut brown, chocolate brown and espresso colored hair. To go along with those hair colors, they will also have brown eyes with specks of gold, hazel, green or blue eyes with gold and/or brown specks.

People with warm coloring also have green veins and a golden undertone. “Cool” colored people have platinum blonde, ash blonde, “dirty”blonde, ash brown, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown hair colors that do not reflect any golden or reddish colors in the sun.

Those who are cool will also have “black” brown eyes that have little to no silvery flicks, dark brown eyes that have silver flecks, green eyes that have silver flecks and blue eyes that have silver flecks.

Those who have these combinations of hair and eye colors will generally have blue colored veins and rosy/pink undertones. “Neutral” color types will have “mousy” brown hair, plain dark brown hair, and black hair. They will also have “black” brown eyes and dark brown eyes that are free of silver or gold flecks. The coloring of the veins are a little hazy, sometimes seeming blue, sometimes seeming green, and an olive type of undertone that “shouts” neither cool or warm. Now that i’ve classified the different types of color categories, I can elaborate on what colors and looks to consider for your wedding.

Warm Colors

Once you have assesed yourself as being “warm”, you can begin to think about what colors you want to use on yourself for your wedding. Now, I know that from the day you start planning your wedding you will probably have a certain color scheme set in your heart. However, if you are a classified as a warm, I don’t suggest using powder blue and baby pink, or silver and mint green. Colors that would be beautiful are chocolate brown, salmon pink, dusty rose, black, teal, lime green, sage green that’s on the more yellow side, sapphire blue, garnet, burgundy, wine, emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, gold, cream, turquoise, and white.

Colors for your makeup can range from light and pretty to bronzy with bright color accents. For example, if your wedding colors and chocoalte brown and dusty rose, then your makeup can reflect that. You can wear a dusty rose colored lipstick, blush, and contour your eyes with the blush or a similar eyeshadow color, then use a chocolate brown on the outer corners of your eyes to accent, and follow up with a dark brown eyeliner and black mascara. If you are a little more daring and your wedding colors are cream and teal, you could use a tan lipstick with caramel colored lipgloss, lightly bronzed cheeks, a skin colored eyeshadow as your base, contoured with a tan colored eyeshadow and a dash of teal eyeshadow on the outer corners with matching eyeliner and black mascara. These are merely suggestions, a trained makeup artist can work on finding a look that is perfect for you.

As far as jewelry goes, make sure you use yellow gold jewelry. Silver, white gold and platinum jewelry should be reserved for cool or neutral color types. Gold jewelry with pearls will also look beautiful.

Cool Colors

Great cool colors for wedding colors are powder blue, baby pink, mint green, silver, white, easter yellow, teal with more blue than green, lilac, kelley green, aquamarine, black, lavendar, royal blue, sage green that’s on the more minty side, and a blood red or blue based red.

Makeup colors will follow a similar trend as with warm: If your wedding colors are silver and sage green, then you could wear a soft pink or a baby pink, cool pink blush and light pink base eyeshadow color on your lid, a slightly darker pink in your crease and a sagey green color on the outer corners…or for the more daring, you could put a sage green on your lid and a darker green or smokier black on the outer corners with black eyeline and black mascara.

Silver, white gold and platinum are the best metals for cool colored people.

Neutral Colors

Well, if you were one of the people that fell into the neutral catergory…LUCKY YOU!!! People who are neutral can wear either warm OR cool colors and can pretty much have thier wedding colors be anything they want! They also don’t have to worry about what type of metal thier jewelry is set in. So the advice that I can give to you neutrals is to chose whether you like cool colors or warm colors, and then use the advice from those sections to plan from there.

Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

January 15th, 2011

Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

Hello Brides-To-Be!

I’m sure many of you out there are wondering about Makeup Tips for your big day. As a professional Bridal Makeup Artist, I know a thing or two about applying the right type of makeup for the occasion. As you probably know, makeup for weddings tends to be a little heavier than one might wear on a day-to-day basis. But this doesn’t mean that it has to look dramatic. Bridal makeup can be made to look natural and enhance your bone structure with the right colors and finishes. Today’s blog will focus on the right foundations and foundation types for the perfect look in your wedding pictues. Here are some aspects of Bridal Makeup to consider:

• Because most weddings either take place outside or the wedding pictures are taken outside, the bride must remember to wear a foundation that is medium-full to full coverage so that the sun doesn’t drain the color from her.

• Since most photographers use a flash when taking wedding pictures, the brides foundation must be free of any SPF because camera flashes are a form of light, and SPF’s are meant to block any damaging light rays from our skin. What happens when a foundation with SPF and a camera flash mix is that dreaded “white faced” picture where we have a ghastly white face and a normal colored body attached. I will list some great foundations at the recommended products section of blog.

• While our personal idea of beauty differs from person to person, I suggest the following if you are thinking of enhancing your color:
-If you are a normally fair skinned person and want to achieve that “bahama bronze” glow for your wedding, I suggest using gradual self-tanning lotions or bronzers roughly four weeks before the big day. Whatever you use on your body, make sure it is safe to use on your face as well, or the manufacturer has a version for the face because if you use two different tanning agents, who knows if the colors will turn out the same. If you want immediate gratification however, I suggest using mystic tan a few days before the wedding. This will last for about a week, and your entire face and body will be the same color.

-Once you are tanned, make sure you let your makeup artist (If you are having your makeup professionally done) know that you need a foundation check when you get it done. If you are doing your makeup yourself, I suggest heading to the makeup counters and asking for help choosing a foundation to match your new complexion.

• If you are a naturally tan person and want to achieve a “snow white” complexion, I suggest staying out of the sun for a few months before the wedding and using SPF religiously whenever going outside. While you may not become incredibly fair skinned, this is as light as you will get. I DO NOT suggest using a foundation a few shades lighter to try and “fake” it because it will just look gray and unflattering and unprofessional anyways. Remember, wedding makeup is meant to enhance your NATURAL beauty. Trying to work against it will always backfire.

• It is also a good idea to consider what consistency you want your foundation to be. If you are a normally oily-skinned person and your wedding is going to take place during the summer, make sure you invest in a mattifying foundation or a water-based foundation so that you don’t suddenly get greasy mid-ceremony. Likewise, if you are normally dry-skinned bride and you are dreaming of a winter wedding, be sure to look for a liquid or cream-based foundation that is rich in emollients to ensure your skin stays moist through the reception.

• When applying your foundation (Or having it applied) make sure you blend all over your face, underneath your chin, and slightly onto your neck. Since your foundation should match your coloring perfectly, it won’t be noticeable, but your want to make sure the consistency of your face and your upper neck blend. If your ears will be showing, you might also want to put foundation on your ears as well. (Mine tend to get red easily, so I always make sure they have a nice coating of foundation when I know they will be showing.)

• The last step to finishing off wedding perfect foundation is the powder. Since powders come in different finishes and sometimes effects, it is important to find the right one for you.

-I suggest only using translucent powder if you have light to medium light complexions. On more olive or darker skin tones, it tends to look ashy.

-When finding a powder that actually matches your foundation color, try and stick with the same brand because they will generally have a complementary color to thier foundation.

-Mineral powders are fabulous because they are not talc based and they will blend in seamlessly with foundation colors in the same color family.

Suggested Products:

Dry Skin Foundations / Dry Skin Powders

• Merle Norman HC-12 Foundation / Merle Norman Flawless FX powder
• Merle Norman Total Finish Foundation / Dermablend Setting Powder
• Dermablend Creme Foundation / Vincent Longo Perfect Canvas Loose Powder
• Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation / Chanel Double Perfection Powder Compact
• Lorac Liquid Foundation / Studio Finish Powder/Pressed
• MAC Studio Tech Foundation / Dior Skin Pressed Powder

Oily Skin Foundations / Oily Skin Powders

• Merle Norman Aqua Base Foundation / Merle Norman Ultra Powder Foundation
• Nars Balanced Foundation / Dermablend Setting Powder
• Lorac Oil Free Foundation / Lorac Oil Free Wet/Dry Powder
• Smashbox Seamless Liquid Foundation / Dior Skin Ultra-Mat Powder

The cosmetics listed are merely suggestions. There are hundreds of other products out there that will give you the same look and range in price. Try visiting your local Sephora, Ulta or Department Store and ask for demonstrations or free samples.

A Guide To Getting Ready For your Wedding Day

November 14th, 2010

A Guide To Getting Ready For Your Wedding Day

In the weeks leading up to your wedding day, there is so much to be done on your part. I’ve put together a handy guide that’s easy to follow and makes putting your best face forward a no brainer.

*When it comes to makeup, having great skin is more than half the battle. If you haven’t already begun, start by establishing a good skin care regimen tailor made for your skin type.

*If you have dry skin, don’t use harsh scrubs or drying cleansers and toners. Instead, invest in a cream cleanser, an age defying or specifically made for dry skin toner. The bulk of your investment should go into a fabulous cream that will make your skin glow.

*If you have oily skin, a gel or powder cleanser is your best bet. An oil absorbing toner will rid your skin of excess oils and an oil-free gel or light cream moisturizer will give your skin the boost of moisture it needs.

*Try to schedule regular facials to keep breakouts at bay. If that isn’t an option for you, opt for a “home made” facial. After cleansing, grab a large mixing bowl and fill it with hot water. Lean over the bowl and put a towel over your head to trap the steam, and remain that way for about 5 minutes. This will allow the steam to open your pores to allow the next steps to penetrate to a deeper (and more effective) layer.
Next, follow with a toner and then use a purifying mask to draw any impurities out. Allow to dry for 10 minutes. Rinse and apply your moisturizer.
By following this routine once a week, your skin will be in tip-top shape in no time.

Daily Care

*Be sure to use a sunscreen everyday to protect from sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. Whether it be a cream, gel or even powder sunscreen make sure it’s a minimum of SPF 15.

*While it may be a pain to wash your face twice a day, make sure you at least manage to wash it at night. Dirt and free radicals that age your skin accumulate on your face during the day, so make sure you spare 5 minutes at the end of your day to treat your skin well.

*Beautiful and glowing skin comes from the inside out. Make sure to drink plenty of water and work in some fruits and vegetables into your everyday meals.

I hope our brides-to-be find this a helpful guide to prepare your skin for a very Special Day.